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By Juan Diego Quesada

ISBN-10: 3895866717

ISBN-13: 9783895866715

This can be the 1st finished description of the grammatical constitution of Teribe, a language of Panama, and a member of the Chibchan kinfolk of languages, which covers a large quarter starting from Northeastern Honduras, in the course of the Atlantic of Nicaragua, such a lot of Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, to the West of Venezuela. Spoken by means of a few 1,000 humans, Teribe is at the present in all probability, even though now not critically, endangered. This grammar fills a lacuna in a twofold demeanour: it offers an in depth account of the constitution of Teribe, and in doing so, it reduces the variety of important American Chibchan languages being undescribed. This grammar is hence meant as a contribution to the outline of the language at 3 degrees: a. language-immanent; b. Chibchan comparative grammar; c. documentation of endangered languages, in particular these of the yank continent. Teribe is either a transparent consultant of the "Central American" good points of the Chibchan languages (numeral classifiers, restricted contract, no evidentials), and idiosyncratic inside those languages (having such phenomena as an inverse development and verb serialization). The learn for this ebook used to be funded in its entirety by means of the Social Sciences and arts examine Council of Canada.

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